There’s so much to be said for the start of a new year, and so many terms we can use to describe it.. 

Turning over a new leaf, writing a new chapter, beginning the next act et al.  All of these descriptive terms focus on leaving the past behind.  It’s rare (but not unheard of) for people to say “I’m going to keep building on what I’ve accomplished in the past year”

Why is that?  Why are we so consumed with starting over?  Why are we, so often, actively engaged with escaping our past instead of embracing it and looking through it for hints of our greater destinies?  

My own past is sordid.  My own past contains a great many things I am not proud of.  My own past contains things I wish had never taken place.  But I don’t want to escape those things.  To escape something means to run away from something and not deal with it, constantly being on guard to see if whatever you’ve escaped from is hunting you down.  

That’s no way to live.

I want to do more than escape things… I want to deal with things and then move forward.  I want to take from my past all that can help me, moving forward (always moving forward, though we can look back, we cannot go back).  I want to learn from my mistakes and failures as well as build on my successes.

I want all of you who may read this to look back over the past 12 months and pull out everything you can and lay it on the table.. sort through the events and happenings.. sift through the people, places and things you’ve experienced and LEARN from each of them.  

I just went through my closet (literal, not figurative) this morning in much the same way as we should go through our past.  

I got rid of a LOT of stuff.. shirts, pants, socks etc; but before getting rid of it all, I took the time to attach a value and/or a purpose to everything I went through.

How can I use this?  Do I have a plan for that?  What on Earth did I ever get THIS for… and why did I hang onto it for 8 YEARS?!?!

In the end, I was left with the things that are useful and serve a purpose to me..  Things I can use moving forward to build on and make use of on a consistent basis.

I’ve done the same with my life over the past 12 months… while it’s true that the past does not and cannot change, it can absolutely change the trajectory of your life. but the neat thing is.. you’re the one who gets to pull the trigger and aim yourself where you want to land.