Jesus wept.

The above is the shortest verse in the Bible, John 11:35.  Two words that, when put together, are extremely profound… but I’m not about to be one of the countless people who have offered commentary on what those two words signify.  I’m not going to go into the meaning, translation, setting or even the application of them.

This isn’t a post about Jesus weeping.  This isn’t about the depth of sorrow which causes the weeping mentioned in John (whoa, I was about to go into context, but I remembered my purpose here).  This is a post about the opposite of weeping.. it’s about gut busting laughter.

To suggest that Jesus didn’t laugh is ludicrous, but there is never any talk about this.  He was wholly human and have you ever met a human who did not laugh?  If you have, then I will take the position that you were meeting someone who was not well, mentally.  

Jesus LAUGHED.  Think about that.  Jesus ENJOYED things.   Jesus SMILED.  Jesus, at at least one point in his 33 years on earth, CRIED from laughing so hard His stomach hurt.

Who are we, as followers of Jesus, to look down our noses at silliness?  Who are we, as followers of Jesus to hold in disdain things that might seem trite or trivial.

I am not advocating that we wear propeller beanies and never take anything seriously, but I AM suggesting that we let our hair down and unbutton the top button on our shirts that is suffocating the “fun” element of our brains.  

It is absolutely OK to be focused on ending world hunger, clothing the homeless and educating the poor.  But if that is ALL you take time to do, then you are missing the point entirely.

If you are laser focused on the 3 things listed above (and those are but 3 of the major issues you SHOULD be concerned with as a Christian) then you are missing out on something that will give your life balance… laughter.. and by proxy, you’ll be missing out on fellowship as well, because NOBODY wants to be around someone who doesn’t know how to enjoy themselves and be goofy at least some of the time.

So YES, change the world thorough your love and concern for your neighbors… but have FUN doing it.  And take the time to do something(s) absolutely silly and goofy, you never know… you just might like it.

This is by all means an incomplete thought, it’s just what came out and I KNOW there is more to this… If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments section.  It’s been rolling around in my head for just about 18 hours and I didn’t want to NOT post this just because it wasn’t “just so”..   I look forward to hearing your thoughts.