So I was setting up the youth room yesterday in preparation for our Wednesday night small groups.  We’re doing a 4 week study on Paul and his life (and times).  

As I’m setting things up, I decided to try something new.. though I didn’t exactly know why.  At first, I had some chairs all lined up in 1 long row and then one of my youth started putting others in arcs moving towards it..  that was kinda weird.. and it got me thinking..

Even in changing things up, we were keeping them somewhat the same.

I decided then to just put the chairs all over the place in no order whatsoever.  I had chairs facing each other, the wall, the drums, the door, left, right, forwards, backwards.. They were completely random… by design.

I had some projector set up stuff to do when the youth and young adults filed into the room a little while later, and while I was in the middle of that I was watching and listening…

There were a few comments “What happened in HERE?”, “Are the chairs supposed to be like this?”, “Ummm….”

I gave no replies.

I heard chairs being moved and people talking.

I gave no direction.

When I was done with the projector, I looked around.. and there, in the middle of the room were almost all of the chairs in a loosely organized fashion.  Somewhat resembling the “way it usually is” on Wednesday nights.

When left to our own direction, we will always do what is comfortable.  We will always drift towards the known.

It’s tough to get outside of our comfort zones and do things without understanding them.

But that’s what we’re supposed to do.

God reveals his plan for us one step at a time.  We don’t have the faintest idea how following step A will lead to step B.  Truth be told, we don’t know what step B even IS, so how could we understand the process of traversing the two points?

When we apply our own comfort, reasoning and understanding to God’s plan we do nothing but get in the way and screw things up.  God has been perfect FOREVER.  I’ve been flawed for 35 years.  Why would I insert my understanding where His plan is concerned?

Simple answer: Because I’m (we’re) human.  And we like what’s comfortable and normal.

And if you’re comfortable and normal at the time you’re reading this.. then you’re following your own plan.

Next time you see a chair facing away from the screen.. sit in it and wait.  It could be that it’s all part of a greater plan that you’re not even aware of.