Where do I go from here?

After finishing up a tough 3 week series on Mark 8:34-38 and what it takes to start being a true disciple of Christ, and having one of the young adults give an equally tough talk on the subtlety of sin I wanted to keep it light with a talk on Mark 9:24 (Lord I believe, help me with my unbelief).. After trying to put my thoughts in order I realized I had gone about it all the wrong way… I neglected to pray before beginning my work.  

I wasn’t meant to make it light…

Mark 9:42-50 is where I was led.. another tough passage.  It’s popular and comfortable to think that all you need to do to get into heaven is believe that Jesus Christ is the risen son of God.  If it were that simple, it would be wonderful.. but that’s not the case. 

Christianity is a VERB.  It’s not just what you are, but what you DO.  While it’s true that we are saved by grace and grace alone.. how can one claim to be saved.. to be full of grace, if you will.. and willfully sin?

you tell me…