Saw a post from I Am Second, asking what’s your story.   

You all know I’m huge on testimonies.. knowing them and speaking them and I usually suggest that everyone has a 5 minute, a 10 minute and a 45 minute version.

I didn’t have the space for all that in a Facebook response field.. so when asked:

“What’s your story?”

Chapter 1
Signed my contract with myself to live for me.
Sealed my fate by acting on selfish pleasures.
Delivered from bondage, sin and a life of bad choices by Jesus Christ.

Chapter 2
Signed a new covenant with the Son of God.
Sealed my fate by living by His command.
Delivered into His Kingdom by clearing out my own for Him.

I can’t tell you my story and leave Him out of it.  If He were left out of it, my story would be an obituary.